Dan Bird: Waking Up In The Spiritual Age

It’s like being asleep for a long time, then suddenly you wake up. A soul-deep search has begun for me and the journal I kept throughout has been full of surprises. I plan to share those surprises right here. This web page will feature many journal entries and the chance to comment from you. The main purpose is to help those who are just finding that Spirituality is something they’ve yearned for, but did not understand. So I’m here to help. Feel free to communicate and ask questions. If I don’t know the answers, I have “special” helpers that will know. Thanks for visiting! Please visit the Topics list for journal entries on the Home page.

Welcome to my webpage. My name is Dan Bird, I’m married and have four wonderful children, all pretty much grown and gone, just one left in college. I was a full-time working musician (rock and roll!) for many years back in the day and became a school teacher (6th-grade) for seven years before moving into an administrative and technology training position that I recently retired from. My education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Master’s in Educational Technology, and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Nebraska.

So why this webpage? Long story short: I’ve always been interested in Spirituality, and I recently began meeting like-minded people who “resonated” with me. I began a journal March of 2013 which has grown very quickly, now at 350,000 words and growing. I just want to share what has been coming up in my journal writing and get some feedback. I am not selling anything (yet), though I have recently written my first book which is being published in the spring of 2016.

So, again, WELCOME! I’ll dig into all kinds of issues, Spirit, God, the afterlife, ego, living in the present, and much more.

​I am also a musician. Please visit my music page: www.danbirdmusic.com

Currently working on my second book, which of course, is a follow up to “Waking up in the Spiritual Age”. In it I hope to help those newly awakening souls understand what to expect after their awakening. More news later!






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