Donna Lynn: Translating The Alien Experience

As one of those children who never stopped asking “why?”,  I studied psychology, world religions, and metaphysics while working in healthcare in the quest to understand the mind/body/spirit connection. From astrology to animal communication, numerology, Reiki, dowsing, and crystal healing, I learned to trust my inner guidance even when it was telling me things that were almost impossible to believe.

I had experienced bizarre, realistic dreams from the time I was a small child but believed they were “just dreams,” as my mom suggested. The thought they could possibly be real was too disturbing to face even though they were more vivid and memorable than my waking reality. But the more I denied to myself the more intense they became, even intruding into this reality in the forms of skin markings and a broken bone. At last I came to terms with the possibility that I was being contacted – befriended even – by alien beings who tried every avenue they could to get my attention.

I have been advised that now is the time to share these experiences with others – this includes you – and extend the invitation from my alien companions to explore new realms of possibility for a better future for Earth.






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