To All ET Contactees… THE TIME IS NOW!

It’s not easy living with a secret. Especially when it comes to the subject of ETs and UFOs. But more often then not there is a friend, a family member an acquaintance that has had some form of contact with any given Alien races that are here now. It is those individuals that I am speaking to and I am saying… The time is now! Come forward, tell your story share it with the world. I know it is not easy. Believe me, I am speaking from personal experience. Coming forward with your story, with your explanation of what had happened in your interactions, it will bring the concept of Alien contact closer to home for everybody around you.

Now all of the sudden Aliens are not just on the movie screen or on a planet far, far away that we will most likely never be able to visit. At least not with the current technology. But they are here and ready to interact. Why should you deny your reality for someone else’s ignorance? It’s one thing for someone to read a book about the Grays and something entirely different to be standing in front of one staring you in the face. Don’t get me wrong Books and literature in general is still a valid and widely used mode of communication. But it takes the whole concept of contact with an Extra-terrestrial race, when you suddenly find yourself sharing your experiences with your brother, sister, mother, father, to a level where once you acknowledge it to yourself and know that the cat is out of the bag so to say, it will be a game changer for everybody.

There are dozens of different ways to go about this. I’ve personally always approached the ET subject as a matter of fact. I know what I’ve seen. I know what I have experienced and I’ve spent a long time learning more about it and understanding it so that I can convey it to others to the best of my ability as clearly and concisely possible. But that doesn’t mean that I know everything. Which brings me to my next point. For those out there that want the world so badly to believe and be aware of ETs that they are willing to fabricate or exaggerate their story to make them sound more interesting or more engaging… please don’t do that. With enough people coming forward, physical contact will be here soon enough but not at the expense of the cause.

Find the strength in you to be that crazy person, that alien guy or gal. If someone wants to know, tell them and let it be alright because remember… People will always think you’re crazy if you talk about things they don’t understand.





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