Thom Reed: First UFO Case In The United States Inducted In An Historical Society

Thom Reed is an award winning South Beach fashion photographer, and the founder of Miami Models, w/clients: Polo Black Label, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Loren. He held positions in upper management with companies Honeywell and Entergy.

The historic UFO case of the Reed family, was assigned a Vallee classification of “CE4” ( close encounter of the 4th kind), with a Case Categogy of 3 ( physical evidence). The case has many layers and is deeply entwined and remains one of the few CE4 cases to be mentioned within the walls of the United Nations. The history involves Marian Burrows, grandmother, Nancy Reed, mother, and two brothers, Thom and Matthew. The evidence in this case would include a significant amount of radiation, and strong magnetic fields, and is one of a few to have been collected and documented by those in law enforcement.

Several of Thom’s childhood sketches from 1969, depicting what he witnessed first-hand involving his encounters, are displayed at the Roswell UFO Museum. Thom was not the only child to draw renderings, as many of the children penciled what they had seen, which also hung next to Thom’s, beneath the chalk board in his fourth grade classroom. The family members share the same blood type, O Rh negative, and A Rh negative.

The renowned case was first witnessed by dozens in Sheffield, MA, back in 1969, just prior to it being aired on a local radio stations, WSBS AM. The Station’s letter regarding the craft and the Reed family are displayed in the Roswell UFO Museum, along with the case history, profiling one of the most credible and substantiated events of its kind. The Reed case would later be mentioned in support of 33/426 at United Nations on Oct 2nd 1992. The case remains one of a few to have trace evidence, political ties, and be investigated by those in law enforcement. The Reed family UFO Case was adopted by the Gt Barrington/Sheffield MA, Hostorical Society in 2014.

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