The Event (ET Contact)

Contrary to the believe of what first contact with extra-terrestrials should be, contact has already occurred. Our collective subconscious has forever been touched by the alien hand but it hasn’t occurred to most of us yet. Which should be a testament to how complex our psyche really is. We have been depicting countless scenarios through motion pictures and literature, how that contact might look and what the possible outcome of that first open interaction might be like. That was our subconscious response to their presence.

This subtle yet none intrusive presence on the global scale, is their way of contact. To plant a seed, to give us something to chew on before actual open contact occurs. It gives us a chance to play out all the scenarios, all the possibilities before we collectively say, “Ok we are ready now.”

Contact occurred quite some time ago and those first races recognized that we are still too deeply ingrained into this reality that we call life to suddenly expose the average human to that “alien” presence would have been detrimental and would have caused a psychotic shock in most of us. Energies and these different levels of existence that we commonly know as dimensions, have a different physical effect on us, for them to suddenly appear in our presence full force would not have been of benefit to either party. Through the help of channels, through dream communications, astral projections and other modals, they have been trying to reach out, guide us to an understand that will make future contact possible.

So quietly, patiently they have been waiting for our consciousness to catch up and come to terms with what had occurred long ago. Those of us, who were the trailblazers that have given us the first testimonials and books about their experiences and contact with ETs, such as Betty and Barney Hill, Whitley Strieber, Sherry Wilde and many more, have done us a great service to give us something to ponder about. In the beginning as most abductees and contactees have stated, it has not been easy. It was usually a disruptive and fearful process but as time went on and the interactions continued a different understanding emerged. By going through, what they went through it still allowed most us to live our lives in a relatively normal way.

Contact is not a time based event, it is a series of domino effect events that will open doors and possibilities for actual physical contact. If the idea that alien contact is as much of a spiritual experience as it is a physical, is news to you then you might have a little bit of catching up to do.

Somehow there is this idea that ghosts, aliens and cryptozoology and clairvoyance and many other categories of the super natural are separate from each other. When in actuality they are all connected by one simple term “Spirituality”. Contrary to the religious definition of what spirituality means, it is the underlying glue that connects us all. When I first started in my early teens to research to find out what these UFOs are all about, terms like spirituality, Consciousness, Awareness kept coming up. I wanted to know how fast these ships flew, what they were made out of and time after time I was redirected to understand who I am, what I am doing here and what this place that we call reality is all about in order for me to then understand everything else.

If you are of the believe that information needs to be filtered, prepackaged and presented to you in a certain way then I urge you to understand that that is an old and obsolete way. Your opinion matters, your view of the world matters and is just as important as everyone else’s so why not take the time to understand what you are watching, what you are reading and ask yourself… What is my role in this reality? Why did I happen to come across this piece of information at this time in my life and let the answers amaze you.

It is important to understand that contact will not just occur between an extraterrestrial race and the humans, but with Gaia as a whole.




  1. All interesting. But, after seeing craft( multiple times and type), I think that I would not want a one on one occurrence. So far from what I read from others there have not been any positive outcomes, just fantasy. When will we make contact? They are so much smarter than us, why talk to unintelligent people.

  2. Also, your deduction has some validity in your short story of have we been contacted. I think they are near the point of where helping us is marginal. Will we be even given a chance to meet? I do not think so. We are getting close to the end of the “Fatal Sequence “, where we will disappear as the Romans did. Their republic lasted almost 450 years, and America will not last that long. We may not have a meeting of the third kind

  3. Hi,
    I think that our planet is ready for contact with a Higher Spiritual Extra terrestrial ET. race.
    As our planet goes into the 5th. dimension: our ET. DNA will start to re-surface, people would want to know: about our ET. relatives.
    Yes, the Human race here has already awakened.

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