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The UFO, ET phenomena encompasses a wide variety of subjects. At its core it questions everything we hold to be truth. From our day to day believes to deeply rooted societal and religious systems. It is not the nature or intention of those visiting us to cause disruptions in our day to day lives but unless we start looking within, to figure out who and what we are, and why we are here, we will not be any closer to understanding these visitors than we were 50 years ago. That’s why you will see videos produced by UFO HUB about Aliens, Spirituality, Government, Religion and our earthly system in general. We need information not provided by the main stream to give us the whole picture and to look at all the factors to be able to make any kind of productive decisions in our lives and for our society.

Help spread the news. Share posts and videos from independent sources such as UFO HUB or any other, that are out there working towards the same goal. The main stream has the backing of large media conglomerates, all we have is YOU.

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Well I could have come up with the same ole thing and just sell t-shirts or coasters BUT I’m anything but conventional. Figured you might get more from music instead.

Thank YOU all for your help.
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