SpaceX: Static Fire Anomaly

Here is a video that most of you might have seen by now. What I particularly find interesting is the “Anomaly” at 1:11 that comes in from the right at incredible speeds. I am going to take a closer frame by frame look and try to find distinguishable differences between the “birds” and the “anomaly”. Maybe I have been at this too long, but it simply doesn’t look right to me.

I have written to US Launch Report asking for permission to use the footage to PUBLICLY publish the frame findings but have not heard from them yet. By all means if there is somebody out there that has already done that, check it out.

After contacting US Launch Report, I was not able to obtain the license to edit and publicly show the objects magnified that flew around the rocket at the time of the explosion without paying a ridiculously large fee for 1 or 2 still frames. So here is a link at Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs for those who would like to examine the incident closer.




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