Race Hobbs: Co-Owner Of KGRA Radio

Race Hobbs started out in FM radio as a teenager and pretty soon found himself doing drive-time radio for the citizens of the Deep South, USA, at various radio stations south of the Mason-Dixon line. With a deep and knowledgeable interest in the UFO subject and a background as a field investigator for MUFON, creating KGRA was the perfect opportunity to marry up both of his passions.

Now he even gets to produce one of his all time favorite UFO researchers and heroes in the field, Richard Dolan, each week. Race is very much the public face of KGRA, appearing at many UFO events around the country to meet listeners and broadcast live radio.

You will not find a man more passionate about radio and the subjects that KGRA covers. And with three years in the production seat at KGRA producing shows for many hours every week – probably not anyone more knowledgeable about the research community and where it might all be heading.






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