Nick Redfern: The Real Men in Black

Nick Redfern is the author of many books, including “A Covert Agenda;” “The FBI Files;” “Cosmic Crashes;” “Strange Secrets (with Andy Roberts);” “Three Men Seeking Monsters;” “Body Snatchers in the Desert;” “On the Trail of the Saucer Spies;” “Celebrity Secrets;” “Man-Monkey;” “Memoirs of a Monster Hunter;” “There’s Something in the Woods;” “Science Fiction Secrets;” “Contactees;” “Monsters of Texas” (with Ken Gerhard); “Final Events;” “The NASA Conspiracies;” “Space Girl Dead on Spaghetti Junction;” “The Real Men in Black;” “Keep Out;” “The Pyramids and the Pentagon;” “The World’s Weirdest Places;” “Wildman!;” “Monster Diary;” “Sinister Tales of the MIB;” “Monster Files;” “Close Encounters of the Fatal KInd;” “The Zombie Book” (with Brad Steiger); “For Nobody’s Eyes Only;” “Secret History;” “The Bigfoot Book;” “Bloodline of the Gods;” “Chupacabra Road Trip;” “Weapons of the Gods;” “Men In Black;” “Nessie;” “The Monster Book;” “Immortality of the Gods;” “365 Days of UFOs;” “Secret Societies;” “Women in Black;” “Shapeshifters;” “The New World Order Book;” and “Control.” Forthcoming books include “The Black Diary;” “Paranormal Parasites;” and “Top Secret Alien Abduction Files.”






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