Nancy Tremaine: Re-Introduction to the Reptilians

Nancy Tremaine was born in Detroit, Michigan, the middle of five children. She is a lifelong experiencer, messenger, and participant in the hybrid project. Symbiosis is the true story of Nancy’s lifetime relationship with a Reptilian being she has named Mr. He is her friend, teacher and sometimes lover. In this book, she shares the information she receives in the form of downloads and the loving messages she has been asked to share with humanity.

Loving synchronicity, which placed in her path of those that tried so hard to silence her, has also equally contributed to her role as a warrior of truth. Nancy shares how despite her age, menopause and a Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation at the age of of thirty, she became pregnant with her hybrid son, Drax. She also shares why and what his purpose will be for the new Earth. For over six years, despite severe frustration and pain, and after failing to receive the support of her family, Nancy has nonetheless continued to reach out, hoping to be heard and find joy in a world in which she often feels she does not belong…

Nancy’s Book – Symbiosis: A Love Beyond Space and Time
Facebook: Nancy Tremaine


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