Mike Diamond: Founder Of Paranormalwarehouse.com

My interest in the paranormal started at a young age when my father unforunately passed away. This was obviously a hard time, and to cope I directed my time towards learning about the afterlife. Piece by piece I learned about the field until I was shocked to learn that people actually go out and do “paranormal investigations”.

I was immediately hooked and went out with my buddy Chris and Steve to do these investigations. We didnt really have a name at the time, I guess we call eachother the paranormal warehouse crew at this moment. Right now I am trying to learn as much as I can on the science end of things to really get down to what the heck these events mean or come from.


Mike Diamond is the founder of ParanormalWarehouse.com. The goal for creating Paranormal Warehouse was to have a central location for paranormal enthusiasts to meet. The website allows members to post evidence and talk about theories and ideas. It is not only Mike’s but everyone at Paranormal Warehouses goal to help promote development and growth in the paranormal field as a whole.






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