Michael Perlin: 3 Magic Words

Michael Perlin is the director, writer and producer of the Metaphysical film, “3 Magic Words” which reveals the common theme taught to us by all great spiritual masters. Michael believes that the problems we face in the world today are still going on because we live mostly on a “religious” planet and not a “spiritual” one. He believes there is an answer – a solution that can only come from a new spirituality that embraces a unifying reality of all the religions and sets aside the old ego-driven idea that there is only one true way.





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  1. Yeah, this is the guy who ripped off U.S. Andersen and didn’t give him any credit. Andersen’s “Three Magic Words was published in the 1950’s. The book has been around since then but not getting too much attention frankly because people weren’t waking up as much as they are now. I’m a subscriber to Anderson’s message and think it’s a good idea to get that message out. I’m not a fan of someone not giving credit where credit is due.
    There is a reason a book was written for this message. Which is to prepare the pupil for the message. Something a “movie” can’t achieve.

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