Margie Kay: UFOs And Paranormal

Margie Kay: Paranormal and UFO Investigator, Remote Viewer, Radio Show Host

Kay is a trained psychic and paranormal investigator with 33 years experience. She is clairsentient (feels), clairaudient (hears),clairvoyant (sees), and does remote viewing.

Kay owns a construction business in Kansas City, Missouri, is the purbliser of Un-X News Magazine and host of Un-X News Radio show, where she interviews nationally known guests.

Margie has become extremely proficient at seeing inside the body, which she calls a “P-Scan,” (psychic scan) . She does intuitive medical diagnosis and is able to see inflammation, infection, disease, missing organs (from surgery) broken bones, implants, and more, even on a microscopic level. Due to time constraints, she does not do private readings but does do talks and demonstrations for large groups and conventions, where she always amazes the audience with her abilities. Note: Margie is not a trained health professional so this is for entertainment only.

Kay has been instrumental in solving over 44 missing persons cases, homicides and thefts using her unique clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and remote viewing abilities, which she has honed over the years with amazing results. Kay has worked with private investigators, law enforcement agencies, and private individuals. She has been able to get names, addresses, streets, and license plates as well as descriptions of victims and perpetrators. She worked as a private investigator for KBI, where she learned some of the “normal” tricks of the trade.

Kay is the author of “The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide,” and “Haunted Independence,” and is working on a film documentary and three more books. Kay has future books planned on the topics of remote viewing and law enforcement working with psychics as well as her own autobiography.

Margie has lectured at over 130 conventions and meetings, and has been a guest on numerious radio shows. She was the host of QUEST Radio Show in Kansas City for five years, and has written many articles for newsletters and magazines.






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