Julie Carver And Debbie Miller: Paranormal Investigators

Debbie Miller: Born in 1962 in the small village, Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain. Debbie’s family traveled throughout Europe and settled in the United States in Kansas City Missouri in 1971. She currently resides in Clay County, Missouri. Debbie is a Licensed Esthetician.

A mother of two children, Samantha and a son Jesse. Debbie is the grandmother of two, Adam (Kicking Wing) and Sarah. Debbie bases all findings during an investigation entirely on the scientific evidence collected on all investigations.

Debbie’s interests include Genealogy, Indian History Culture and genealogy, Historical/Paranormal Research, Paranormal Anomalies Investigation, Past-Life Experiences, Dream Intuitions, HSP, Photography and Art.

Debbie’s love and passion for her Native American roots and Indian culture are a huge part her interests and her dream is to investigate the massacre at Wounded Knee and document the evidence.

Debbie’s great-grandfather is listed in the Dawes Final Rolls as a full blood Cherokee and her grandmother as a half blood Choctaw.

Debbie is also learning the Cherokee Language.


Julie Carver is one-of the members of Clay County Paranormal Research Society our sister group, along with her friends since high school, Debbie.

Born in 1962, in North Kansas City Mo, where she was raised and attended high school with Debbie. Julie has remained closed to home, now residing in Gladstone, Mo., with her husband of 24 years, 2 lovely daughters, Shayna and Clarissa, 4 cats and a dog.

Julie’s interests include cooking, decorating and being with friends and family. Julie is a direct descendent of Davey Crockett and has just begun to look into her families genealogy.

She discovered her paternal grandmother, Orva Rose Ramsey-Crockett, was possibly half Cherokee and that the family legend has it this same grandmother was related to William Rogers of Lewis and Clark fame.

She feels that this is the main objective of each investigation, can we explain it or not?





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