John Quint: The Little People

John Quint is a retired RN with nearly 50 years experience investigating High Weirdness, from spirits and dowsing to cryptids and divination. He’s the author of several books, including “Once Upon A Time, In Arkansas: Tales of Encounters with the Little People in Arkansas and Neighboring Regions,” as well as a book on labyrinths.

John lived many years in the Arkansas Ozarks where he collected folk stories first-hand from the people who lived there. He resides in Boonville, Missouri, with his dog and cat and several discarnate roommates, in a home built in 1846.





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  1. Hello,

    Great blog! Would like to get hold of a copy (or two) of “Once Upon A Time, In Arkansas”. Used copies in good condition or eBook versions are ok. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks so much!

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