Hector Lugo: 10th Dimension Paranormal Group

Hector Lugo: I’m the co-founder of the 10th Dimension Paranormal Group, with Pam, my wife of 35 years. The headquarters of our group is located in Blue Springs, Missouri (a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri). Pam and I have had numerous encounters with the spiritual world over the past 52 years. We have had ghosts live with us in all the homes we have lived in and have had contact with many others at different locations throughout the world. We, like everyone else interested in the paranormal, have all kinds of questions we would like answered, and sometimes the living don’t have those answers. We started the 10th Dimension Paranormal Group to share our knowledge and paranormal experiences and to research and seek answers.

The 10th Dimension Group has four branches that conduct investigations. We have a branch in Homestead, Florida that is managed by Edna. The branch in Fletcher, Oklahoma is run by LeAnna, and Diana Butler oversees the Kansas City branch. Our latest location in Boonville, Missouri, is managed by Linda. We are hoping to expand to other locations in the near future.

Our group is unique in that a lot of our members are in the medical and law enforcement field. We have doctors, nurses, police officers, federal agents, business owners and ordinary people. We enjoy the chemistry and positive attitude of working with the other members of our group.

I had my first encounter with a spirit when I was a very young, and even though it scared me at the time, it was not harmful in any way. I was scared because I didn’t know what to make of what I encountered or how to react. Since then I’ve had hundreds of other encounters, but none of them have been harmful or negative in any way. I’m not saying there aren’t negative or bad entities out there, but I believe when you bring a positive attitude to an investigation, you are less likely to run into something that’s harmful. I think spirits know why you are there and adjust accordingly. A positive approach in investigating has worked for us, and we will continue to conduct all of our investigations in this manner.






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