Janie Wells: Embracing The Human Journey

In 2001, Janie Wells’ 30 year-old daughter, Joann, was brutally murdered. Within days of burying her daughter, she came to the realization that the way she handled this loss would determine her soul’s destination in powerful ways. Her profoundly moving book chronicles a mother’s grief, the powerful ways in which she heals, and the growing realization that we are never separated from those we love. Even in death, our loved ones are present and exercise a power for good in lives.

Janie is a mother, teacher, coach, national motivational speaker and mentor. She is currently employed by a large school system near Nashville, Tennessee and stays actively involved in spiritual activities, health and fitness events, and working within the US criminal justice system as a consultant. She has participated in capital defense team training, university student instruction and has been the keynote speaker at national conferences. Her speaking engagements include the Kiwanis Club, Washington and Lee University, the Virginia Bar Association’s Annual Defense Workshop, the Gulf States Victim Witness Law Enforcement Conference, the National Crime Victim’s Week in Georgia, the Fall Prosecutors Training Conference in Mississippi, the Annual Capital Habeas Unit Conference in Texas, the Lowndes County Family Violence Task Force Conference, Valdosta State University’s Take Back the Night event and Western Kentucky University. Janie loves connecting to others and presents in such a way that inspires trust. She feels tremendous compassion that seemingly allows others to open up and deeply hear the messages she conveys.






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