Edmore Green: Native American Beliefs

Edmore L Green is an enrolled member of the Sac and Fox Nation located in Reserve, Kansas. Green came to his understandings of Native peoples and their traditions by growing up with his mother’s people on the Winnebago Reservation in Nebraska. As a young child, he experienced, participated, and observed first hand the practices of Native ways. As a young adult, Green lived in South Dakota near the Yankton Sioux tribal peoples. It was here that Green was able to let go of dominant cultures influences to a greater degree and fully immerse himself in learning the Dakota Spiritual Traditions.

While not of that particular tribe, the spirits acknowledged his presence to the traditional medicine men and Green was called to study medicine ways with the elders. Having only briefly met his father’s people as a child, Green came to Kansas looking forward to sharing spiritual understanding with his relatives. Embraced by his people, Green became a part of their Tribal Council as the elected secretary. His knowledge is used by the Tribal Council to assist in business endeavors and governmental functions. His duties also include representing the tribe in issues related to NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act).

Green is consulted as how to proceed with re-burials of Native American remains once they have been uncovered. Green understand the many complications involved in the healing of Native Americans. Many people have come to him seeking spiritual guidance and healing. He uses the traditional methods taught to him to help these individuals find some peace and reconciliation in their lives. Generational grief is carried by all indigenous people of the North American continent. Native Americans experience the continual effects of forced removal from homelands, culture, foods, sacred sites, medicines, mothers, family, and the Native prayer systems once banned by Congress. Green will share traditional ways used to guide and heal Native Americans as they process their generational grief.




  1. In 11 minutes Edmore Green explained to me what I should have known and practiced all my life. I’m now 71 years old. Thanks Edmore. You’ve given me a lot more to live with and nourish my soul with.

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