UFO HUB Conference

If you are interested in seeing regular lectures (In Person or Streaming) by todays leading researchers and experiencers of all Super Natural: UFOs, Metaphysics, Consciousness, Paranormal etc. Help support this project to become the new mainstream.


Estimated Costs:

Venue: ~$1000
Cameras (3): ~$12000
Media Station: ~$5000
Staff (5): ~ $1225
Accommodations and food for staff (5): ~$1000
Speaker accommodations and food (3): ~$1000
Speaker flight (3): ~$3000
Audio System: ~$3000
Lighting: ~$1500
Computer(s) & Cables: ~$4000


GoFundMe: https://goo.gl/514KpC
PayPal Donation: https://goo.gl/oMuXun


Thank YOU all for your help.
Founder of UFO HUB