Charmian Redwood: A New Earth Rising

In 1980 Charmian had a Near Death Experience in which she returned to The Source and remembered Who She Is, a Divine Being of Light. Since that time she has been assisting others through her workshops and individual sessions to reconnect with their own Divine Self and to activate their DNA codes for Ascension.

Charmian uses hypnotherapy to access the Akashic records to clear memories of failure and grief and to restore the blueprints for perfect health and wholeness. She connect people with their cosmic lineage from many star systems and their soul lineage.

Since moving to Hawaii in 2006 Charmian has brought forward many memories of Ancient Lemuria where we lived in Oneness, we used our intention and connection to The Source to create everything we needed in our lives. Charmian’s work now is to help people to remember Who They Are as Divine Humans.

We have now passed through December 21st 2012 which was the end of the Mayan calendar. The Earth has been restored to Oneness and the time of separation is ended. Using hypnosis Charmian guided 18 people forward through time to look at the New Earth restored to her former beauty and humanity living in peace and harmony once more.

Her books “Coming Home To Lemuria “ and “ 2012 A New Earth Rising”are now available in her store and on






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