We as human beings have bought into certain beliefs that don’t necessarily work for us, whether it be from our parents, friends or society in general. We convince ourselves that we are certain that we know what we know. Most of us don’t necessarily like our jobs, but we BELIEVE that what we have is the best we can get. In my case, UFOs have always been my passion but I BELIEVED that if I followed it, that a great deal of discomfort and ridicule would follow. Needless to say I was wrong.

From the ET’s point of view, joy and happiness are our physical body’s translation of who and what we are and that anything else is an unnecessary burden. So naturally I asked myself, what BELIEFS must I be holding on to that prevent me from experiencing my natural bliss?

1. If you feel that you have to “deal with something” or if you feel you have to take what you have perceived and try to make it fit in your life, that is usually a dead giveaway of a BELIEF that is not yours and obviously does not work for you since you have to spend so much time trying to find a way to adopt to it.

2. Emotions are a large driving factor in our experience of life. We make important decisions based on how we feel; we accept or reject people in our lives based on how we feel about them. Yet most of us are not aware that emotions are only secondary to BELIEFS. First we BELIEVE something to be true and the corresponding emotion follows after. If I said to you, “Du bist das schönste Wesen, das ich je gesehen habe,” you probably would be indifferent about it; curious as to what it means, sure. It is most likely your emotional senses have not been triggered. But if you understood that it means “You are the most beautiful being I’ve ever seen,” now your beliefs kick in and then the corresponding emotions, which could maybe be blushing, maybe embarrassment, gratitude etc.


This is one of my favorite subjects I’ve dealt with. To most people and most cultures this word “KARMA” has an implied sense of punishment for something that you might have done and that a certain impending award or doom is waiting for you, depending on the deed. The reason why it was so profound to me when I first heard the ET’s view on this, is that it just made perfect sense and I could feel it in every fiber of my being, which is this – we are all eternal souls experiencing and growing on our individual quests. A soul is neither male nor female; it is both and more. It knows itself as the individual and as the whole. So in order to have a complete experience from all points of view, it would only be beneficial to have the experience of being the perpetrator and victim, the giver and the taker, the father and the mother. So karma, in essence, is self imposed. From the sou’s point of view there is no punishment but only a completion of a circle.


A HABIT is only a HABIT if you are not aware that you are doing it. Once you become aware of it, it is not a HABIT anymore. It becomes a choice. Simply becoming aware of a HABIT is actually the end of the search and not the beginning. So you would find it more beneficial asking yourself, “Why do I chose to do the same thing over and over again” instead of thinking that it is something out of your control. The key is to own up to the responsibility that you create everything in your life before you go about changing it. After all how do you expect to make any changes to something that is not yours?


This might be a concept that is difficult to understand or even accept based on our BELIEFS. EVERYTHING in our lives is synchronicity. EVERYTHING has a meaning. You might find yourself walking in the park. You see trees, grass, birds and other people walking in the same direction as you or opposite from you. The key is to understand this. Every tree, the number of leaves on it, the kind of bird that might be in the tree, the color of that bird, the people walking with you, the color shirts they are wearing, the pace at which they might be walking. Every single little thing is SYNCHRONICITY. What is important to understand is the relevance of the event to you. Some things might be more obvious than others. Sometimes you are there for someone else to be their SYNCHRONICITY. If you keep an open mind, with the understanding that nothing comes and goes from your life by accident, the more you allow yourself to be aware of each moment and its meaning in your life.






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