Art Campbell: Finding The UFO Crash In San Augustin

Art Campbell served his country during the Korean war at naval shore installations and with a fleet electronics training unit aboard the aircraft carrier USS Boxer. After leaving the navy in the mid-1950’s he became active in UFO investigation and research and started a NICAP affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri. Working with NICAP’s Donald E. Keyhoe in 1958-59, he was involved in a letter sent to ex-president Truman from Keyhoe in 1959.

Mr. Campbell’s writing has been featured in a regional historic quarterly. His books on northwest pioneer history were endorsed by the state’s leading newspaper. His works include:

The Clarno Era, Antelope: the Saga of a Western Town, The John Day Drift and Historical Guide, and now “Finding The UFO Crash at San Augustin, Isotopic Metal Analysis, Not Of This Earth”.

UFO researchers say Campbell’s book is presented with thoroughness and clarity, His research goes into some details about the lives of many who were affected by the Plains UFO crash in 1947. It is Clear that Campbell’s research of many years is thorough. He makes no claims, but presents an astounding amount of scientific research into the materials he and others have found at the site. This is a great read – clear, concise. With attention to detail and written with a flair. Some long standing UFO questions are addressed in this book, and the reader will find it a compelling narrative.






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