Are WE Ready For The TRUTH About UFOs?

In my personal experience, I find that people in general don’t necessarily want the truth. Truth in people’s minds is something they strive for but not necessarily live by. So when it comes to the subject of UFOs, it is more about the fact that the government might be hiding something from its people, but not necessarily what it is actually hiding. After many years of armchair research I wanted to find out for myself what is out there. I did not just want to read about it anymore, I wanted to experience it. So I went out to search for the answers. And to my surprise, when I really put my mind to it, I found the answers – but they were nothing I imagined they would be.

How many people are truly ready for official contact with extraterrestrials? That is the question I started asking myself after I found the answers I was so feverishly looking for. It’s not just a question of meeting an extraterrestrial society. It’s a question of, are we as human beings ready to know more about ourselves, who we truly are, and why we chose to be here. Since our birth, whether we were consciously aware of it or not, we adapted this victim mentality, this excuse that everything is out of our control and that we are the products of our past. So naturally every step we take we take it with caution and care, because we are afraid to make these mistakes that will add to our past and will become a permanent marker in our psyche that will be added to the collective sum of who we are. If I have not lost you by now, congratulations, it gets better.

Service to one self: What I have discovered on my journey is that contact is not just a physical experience but a spiritual one as well. A lot of these ET races have developed their social interactions with each other to an art form. They don’t live by laws like we do. They encourage each member of their society to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be and in return it strengthens the whole. They don’t just take one being’s opinion into consideration, they take them all and the others are open-minded enough to see when their idea does not work as well as another so they change to accommodate that which would be more efficient and beneficial.

Know thyself: Many of these beings recognize that they are co-creators in this universe and that they are responsible for everything they create in their reality. The idea is that the perceived world we sense with our eyes and ears is only a reflection of what is going on within us. A belief (thought) creates form and emotions vibrate it into being. So, in essence, everything is consciousness creating it’s self interacting with itself.

Are we truly ready to accept these radical ideas, which would be conveyed to us if and when we choose to make first contact?? Would we be open-minded enough to let go of our past and start creating our reality and the perception of who we are from the NOW instead of dragging this huge chip on our shoulder we call the past as an anchor and limitation of our Dreams?

I don’t know, all I can say is that I’m ready for something new. Are you… ??






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