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Adnan Ademovic was born in Bijeljina, Bosnia. He was only 8 when the war broke out in 1992 which after several months of fighting, it was clear that the end of the war was nowhere in sight. He and his family fled to Germany in 1992 and then later emigrated to the United States in September of 1998. He saw a different side of humanity that started his life long journey of trying to understand what it means to be human.

At a young age, he had several out-of-body experiences that he knew were not generally experienced by everyone. When he turned 15, he started looking into the UFO Phenomena which seemed to coincide with his out-of-body experiences.

In 2006 before he graduated from Webster University, he worked as a Co-Op for Monsanto where a series of events as a result of working there, lead him to witness the filmed event of the 9/11 pentagon attacks which changed his life forever. Being overwhelmed by what he saw and knowing deep down that what he was seeing did not match the official story, lead him on a path that was vital to understand the bigger picture of our reality.

A couple of years into his research he discovered Darryl Anka who channels a being that calls himself “Bashar”. The messages and teachings that were conveyed by this being were so profound and life changing that he decided to start putting the metaphysical theories and teachings to practice and to prove it to himself whether this was another form of religion or whether this was truly a new way of understanding and looking at our lives and the reality we seem to live in.

In late 2013 as a result of numerous profound experiences with UFOs (ETs) and paranormal occurrences, he wanted to provide a platform for people interested in either learning more about the subject or getting involved locally with like-minded individuals so he founded UFO HUB where he interviews and talks to researchers and experiencers of the supernatural in general. Hoping that by shining a light on the subject the sheer scope and complexity of the phenomena can be understood. Adnan resides currently in Arkansas with his wife and children.




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